Visualising a vision

It’s been 16 months since I took up my first headship at the wonderful Torquay Academy and it’s time to open up the blog again…  It’s been a (steep) learning curve, but I will save that for another post in the future.

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A new job in January

  I was recently delighted to have been appointed as Principal of Torquay Academy; I will be joining the school in January.  During my three days of interviews I met some wonderful students, colleagues and governors.  It is a very

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Thinkspace – an inspiring student story

The above picture is of three of my students who recently met Stephen Fry in London whilst they were attending the National Finals of the Teen Tech Awards.  James, Kamran and Ollie had a discussion with Stephen about a project

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SMSC – a guide for the classroom

More information can be found in two related posts about SMSC here and here.   SMSC provision isn’t a new bolt on that needs to be added to lessons, it is already embedded in the curriculum. This document will hopefully

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SMSC – what is it?

More information can be found in two related posts about SMSC here and here.   What is SMSC? Important to provide some basic definitions of the components of SMSC:   Spiritual development –It is about the development of a sense

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SMSC – Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

I have been spending time looking at the SMSC guidelines and how they impact upon our school.  I wanted to clarify my thoughts about SMSC so I went about putting together a document for my own benefit.  I shared this

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Buying your iPads

There are three key factors in determining your supplier: price, availability of stock and support. I also include location as a fourth factor.

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Why choose iPads

  Image from PC Advisor Why choose iPads? This is a question you will be asked a lot! There are alternatives to tablets and there lots of tablets on offer in a highly competitive market. You will need a well

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Getting the infrastructure right – Introducing iPads into a school

In order to unleash the true potential of the iPads you will need to have a wireless network that is capable of supporting whole classes accessing large amounts of data at the same time. Plugging a domestic wireless router into

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Creating a vision for the future use of ICT – Introducing iPads into a school

Your vision will present a compelling rationale for change. It will describe the benefits of committing time and funds to the project. You will return to it frequently to check the principles behind your decision making. The following list will

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A commitment to write a guide to: Introducing iPads into your school

Wooly Matt via Compfight Will a public declaration to do something encourage me to actually do it? I hope so.  The following is my planning – I have highlighted chapter headings and sub headings.  These may change as I go

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Bett 2013

I arrived at bett 2013 on the packed DLR surrounded by hundreds of colleagues ready to be wowed by the hundreds of exhibitors and speakers. My plan for the day is to visit as many stands as possible and hope

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Flipped Learning

What is flipped learning? Traditional teaching is based upon the transfer of knowledge in the class and then students assimilate that information outside of the classroom. Flipped learning puts the transfer of knowledge of outside of the classroom, thereby enabling

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2013 predictions video

In order to promote discussion about the year ahead I produced this video. The educational landscape continues to change at an alarming pace Levitra and we all have to be ready to adapt in order to ensure the best possible

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iPad App of the Week Socrative

Socrative enables you to get real time responses from classes.  You can view responses in real time using their app.  There are great features in the app – you get set multiple choice questions, short vigrx results answer questions, team quizes.

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I am Deputy Head at Devonport High School for Boys. I have an interest in AfL and the use of technology to promote learning and teaching. I'm a proud dad and husband, and enjoy travelling, playing water polo, photography and spending time with my friends and family.