Thinkspace – an inspiring student story

STEPHENFRY!!!!! The above picture is of three of my students who recently met Stephen Fry in London whilst they were attending the National Finals of the Teen Tech Awards.  James, Kamran and Ollie had a discussion with Stephen about a project they are working on called Thinkspace. They describe Thinkspace as being ” a space in schools around the world where students can come and learn how to create these websites and apps – and it is student led. We’re hoping to pick out the next Jack Dorsey’s, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg’s and we believe this is possible with Thinkspace”.  I think this video, feating messages from Stephen Fry, Steve Wozniak, Jimmy Wales (to name just a few of their supporters) is the best way of explaining it…

They launched Thinkspace last Thursday and it attracted even support from their celebrity bakers; 12 million people will have been exposed to the tweets supporting them from Richard BransonRory Cellan-Jones plus the line up from the video.

They appeared on BBC regional news.


There have been lots of articles written about the boys and Thinkspace:


Pictures of the Thinkspace at DHSB:






Thinkspace TES 1 Thinkspace TES 2


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