Everyone Succeeds: Leadership Matters in action

I was asked by Andy Buck to write this book which outlines how things are done at Torquay Academy.  Exam results have increased from 28% 5ACEM to 74% between 2014 and 2017 and the school is now heavily oversubscribed.  There have been many changes in the systems and routines in the school over the past few years; one of those key changes is every teacher is coached every week.

We believe an excellent school is built upon seven pillars.  Effective leadership and implementation of each of these pillars can lead to an excellent school where everyone succeeds, they are:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Student behaviour
  • Teaching and learning
  • We can all get better
  • Curriculum
  • Data analysis and self- evaluation
  • Leadership at all levels
Neglecting one of these areas will have a negative impact on the school and its students.  The table below demonstrates the result of underperformance of one of the pillars, for example, poor “leadership at all levels” will lead to “no direction and drive” in the school.

The book, published by John Catt, will be available 6 April 2018.  You can order from Amazon.

Torquay Academy Case Studies

Each year the brilliant SLT write a case study about a key area that they have worked on during that year.  These are then compiled into a document that we publish each year.

2015-16 Case-Studies

2014-15 Case studies