iPad App of the Week Socrative

Socrative enables you to get real time responses from classes.  You can view responses in real time using their app.  There are great features in the app – you get set multiple choice questions, short vigrx results answer questions, team quizes.  It only takes two minutes to set up and you students don’t need accounts to use it.  Have a look at the video below to see how I use it.


iPad App of the Week – Explain Everything

For starters, Explain Everything is an app that allows you to use the iPad as an interactive whiteboard (with an Apple TV to mirror the display on a projector).  You can import files, such as PowerPoint, Keynote and images, from dropbox and other services.  This is just the start!  You can save your annotations on the existing or blank slides or add a voice over to cialis no rx create a movie.

Example of use in the classroom

Do a maths solution, chemistry question etc on the whiteboards with a voice over.  This can then be uploaded to You Tube for students to review at their leisure.


This video is a basic overview of how you can use Explain Everything

This is a video I produced for my Year 13 Economists using Explain Everything.